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Receive Instant Access to the Most Comprehensive Directory of Homeschool Friendly Businesses and Homeschool Discounts Nationwide, and…
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An easy and hassle-free solution to help you save money on your homeschool expenses, increase your limited time, keep your students safe and allow you to… provide an exceptional educational experience for your children - at a price you can afford!

Because we know…

n         your time is limited.

n         you want valuable, up to date information.

n         your money doesn’t grow on trees.

n         you value the security of your homeschool family and…  

You want to provide your children with the best education possible!

Dear Fellow Home Educator, 

Now, living on one income can be easier and homeschooling more rewarding for home educators, everywhere!

Home educators, like yourself, who have given up a career and the benefits of a second income, to stay home full time, to homeschool your children. 

Sadly, when money gets tight, the tendency is to eliminate the fun extra-curricular activities from our home school programs!


Think of all the time you spend searching for the right educational product at the best price!


As a home educator, you have the awesome responsibility of providing the best education possible for your children.

Although the benefits of home schooling far outweigh any negatives, there are a few common challenges that we face as home educators: 

n         Less personal time.

n         Finding the right educational products that will work with a child’s unique learning style.

n         Staying current on the myriad of educational programs and valuable opportunities available for our children.

n         Finding the best curriculum options that fit within our budget.

Being included in special educational programs is definitely a privilege and an added benefit of homeschooling! Many merchants extend their educator savings programs to include home educators, helping you save some money!

However, to maintain offering quality, effective programs that support education, most businesses require educators to provide “proof of educator status” through an educator id. 

But many of us don’t have any “proof” that we are home educators.  

A solution? Homeschool identification! 

Having proof that your children are enrolled in a legal homeschool program especially when they are out during regular school hours is important, especially in today’s society. 

And kids love to look and feel official... they need to feel like they belong!


"I like the idea of the card.  It is great to have id for all the situations when it is needed.  I liked being able to print them off at home and not having to wait for weeks to get them in.  The kids will like the official looking id.  It identifies them as a student so that we will not have issues with school hour curfews at the mall, which has been a problem." Linda


"The ID cards are wonderful! In fact, I was especially excited as I printed the cards recalling a recent situation where such a card would have proven very useful! Two of my children were taking our dogs for a walk in our neighborhood. A policeman in the area drove by and seeing as it was during public school hours questioned my children as to why they were not in school and was concerned whether or not I knew where they were. My son promptly explained that we homeschool and that they had permission from me to be outside walking the dogs. After this happened I considered having them carry a handwritten note whenever they are outside our home during "school hours" but now they will have their PEAH Homeschool ID cards! Thanks so much for a wonderful product!"
Sincerely, Terry


"Do-it-yourself" homeschool identification for your family...
 it may not bring the results you want.

Sure, you can make your own homeschool identification for yourself and your kids. However, if you really want to save money, you still have to know which merchant offers a discount or get them yourself. You can "go at it" alone, but working together is so much more rewarding and beneficial... and eliminates wasted time and frustration.

As a director of a homeschool co-op, I saw first hand, the inconsistencies of companies who supposedly included home educators in their discount programs. Some of the families would get a discount, but on the same day, at the same store, others would not get the discount.

Why does this happen?

Perhaps because of a communication breakdown within a company or an unknowledgeable sales clerk - we've all experienced them... the ones that are doing "the time" for their paycheck. Or maybe it was because one family had "proof of home educator status" and the other did not!

Reflect the image you want as a home educator.

Just because you are a home educator doesn’t mean that you have to look home made! Reflecting a more professional (and unified) appearance in the marketplace increases your credibility. 

As a busy home educator, you need increased time, guaranteed savings and more confidence when using your homeschool id, whenever its needed!


"Our family recently created a home education identification card for our teenage son using the PEAH service.  We were in need of a photo id that could satisfy the requirements for getting a US Passport as our son did not have a State ID or Driver's License yet.  I would recommend this service not only for the benefits of discounts at retailers, but also because having photo identification for your home educated child is important. Thank you for providing this service to the home education community. In addition, thank you for kindly providing individual assistance to help me get the proper format for the photographic image needed to for the id." Cynthia


Quality, professional homeschool identification portrays… the professionalism you desire and the confidence you want!

By doing a Google search for homeschool identification, you will find some good options for obtaining homeschool id for yourself and your homeschool students.

Here are a few questions to answer when looking for homeschool identification… 

n         Does it reflect the professional image you want?

n         Does it clearly identify you as a home educator?

n         Is it truly an identification card or just a membership card?

n         Does the student card include security features?

n         Does the value of the card increase month after month?

n         Does the card save you money and time?

n         Does the card link you into a vast network of other home educators?

n         Do you feel confident that any merchant who offers an educational discount, will accept your card?

PEAH’s Homeschool Identification Comparison

Homeschool Identification Comparison Chart

Homeschool ID

Homeschool Star Student

PEAH’s Homeschool Digital IDs

Home Educator ID Card


Not offered


Home Educator Spouse Card

Not included
(additional $7.95)

Not offered

Free Special Bonus!

Student ID for student #1

+ $7.95



Student ID for student #2

+ $7.95

+ $5.95


Student ID for student #3

+ $7.95

+ $5.00


Shipping Costs


+ $2.50


Waiting/Delivery Time

7-14 days

Not sure

None -
Receive instantly!

Discount/Savings Network

None offered

None offered

Increasing monthly

Total Cost




Value of Cards





For 5 cards 

For 3 cards -
Student IDs only

ID/Savings Cards for your whole family Plus a Savings Network that grows month after month!


What is your time worth to you?

For one small investment this year, you could save yourself tons of time, money and have your homeschool identification card become more valuable month after month and afford to add more of the fun stuff into your homeschool program! 


This offer is only available to current home educators. By clicking the link below and ordering from PEAH, you affirm that you are a home educator and are currently homeschooling your children according to your state's laws.

Get PEAH's Homeschool Digital ID Family Pack Now!

Homeschool identification... mo
st effective and
when leveraging the buying power of your
fellow home schoolers!

Our mission is to help homeschool families save money and provide solutions that make homeschooling easier. We work to not only bring organization to the educator discounts that are available in the marketplace, but also continually work to obtain additional discounts and services for home educators as well as communicate these special considerations to the entire homeschooling community.

  • We desire consistency.
  • We also want these special considerations passed along to the next generation of home school families. Not here today, gone tomorrow.

We are homeschoolers like you!

PEAH believes in homeschooling. We want to help support and further the home education movement not only for our children, but for generations to come. By working with home educators and homeschool organizations across the country, we can strengthen home education, unite home educators and become a more unified consumer group in the marketplace.

PEAH... what a funny word!

PEAH, pronounced "pay-ah", is not only an acronym for Parents Educating at Home, but its actually a Hebrew word... pe'ah, meaning "leftovers". We work to save you money and time, so that you will have more "leftover" for your family or to bless those around you!

Can you get a discount at a store without PEAH?

In some cases, yes. However businesses are more willing to offer a discount to a group of people (and the larger the group, the greater the discount!) rather than to just one person. Many times, individuals who receive a discount may not share it with other home educators in their area.

  • Our program unites you with other home educators, so we can get the best discounts possible!
  • We need you... we need each other! :)

How many times have you visited a website and found the information to be obsolete or out dated... or better yet... not updated in a couple of years? (gasp!)

I am sure many times! It is hard to keep on top of homeschool information and keep website content fresh and current, let alone keeping track of what businesses are or aren't offering to the homeschool market.

Businesses start and stop marketing programs all the time, depending on their needs, sales, etc.
  • We work to keep up to date with their programs, so you don't have to.

  • We work to provide the most current information on homeschool discounts in the marketplace and communicate that news to you.

The only one-of-a-kind program designed exclusively
for home educators… by home educators.

Our one of a kind program not only keeps you up to date on homeschool friendly businesses, homeschool discounts and special programs to enrich your homeschooling experience, we provide your homeschool family the necessary identification to give you the peace of mind you need, the professionalism you desire and the confidence you want, whenever its needed!


"I will check here first, to see if a store offers a discount!" Jenn N.

"Thank you so much for all you do for the homeschoolers of the USA!
Alicia A.


We help ensure that you receive your discounts…
easily and hassle-free!

PEAH not only works to obtain additional discounts that will ease the strain on your homeschool pocketbook, we work with companies to help ensure that you will receive your discount, easily and hassle-free!  

Homeschool Identification for your entire family…one affordable price!

PEAH’s Homeschool Digital ID Family Pack includes our exclusive, nationally recognized id/savings card, called the PEAHcard and homeschool student cards for every homeschool student in your immediate family. As a special bonus we will even include a spouse card - free when you order now!


Best of all, everything is completely done online through our secure website, making the process quick, easy and affordable… no shipping costs – no waiting. Start saving now!

We want you to be completely satisfied and are so confident that we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! We even show you how you can get your investment back right away! You’ve got nothing to lose!

PEAH’s Homeschool Digital IDs - so much more
than homeschool identification!

·         Generate professional homeschool identification 24/7!

·         Look more professional when presenting to retailers.

·         Obtain special educator savings confidently.

·         Upload photos and print homeschool identification cards instantly!

·         Get discounts easily and start saving right away!

·         Have picture identification ready when needed.

No shipping, no waiting, no hassles! :)


"The website was very user friendly and printing out the card was very simple and surprisingly fast. I was able to have it laminated at our local office store and the end result looked as professional as the other cards in my wallet. Thank you very much for all your help." Sincerely, Kerry M.


    Updated for the 2010/2011 school year!  


This offer is only available to current home educators. By clicking the link below and ordering from PEAH, you affirm that you are a home educator and are currently homeschooling your children according to your state's laws.

 Get PEAH's Homeschool Digital ID Family Pack Now!

Here's what you receive:
  • One home educator id/savings card that increases in value month after month! (Hundreds of dollars in savings!)
  • Homeschool Student ID cards for every homeschooled student in your immediate family. ($25 value of more depending on # of children)
  • Access to our growing network of homeschool friendly businesses who offer valuable savings and exclusive offers!
  • Monthly updates on new businesses who accept your card and offer you valuable discounts! (Priceless... your time is so valuable!)

Limited Time Offer!
Save $5 Now!
Just $24.95 - Reg. $29.95
for your entire homeschool family!
3 Free Bonuses when you purchase now!


We want every homeschooling family to save money easily.
We want to help you keep your homeschooled students safe.

Tell your friends, spread the word!


This offer is only available to current home educators. By clicking the link below and ordering from PEAH, you affirm that you are a home educator and are currently homeschooling your children according to your state's laws.

Get PEAH's Homeschool Digital ID Family Pack Now!


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To your homeschooling success and savings!

Heather Gneco

PS. Three FREE Bonuses when you Buy Now!

Bonus #1 - Receive a FREE Spouse (PEAH)card!
(Unlimited Value
- makes saving money even easier and hassle-free!)

Bonus #2 - Free Report!
Motivating Your Child is Easy as P.I.E.!
($5.95 Value)

Bonus #3 - PEAH's DNA Identification Kit
Don't wait for an accident to happen!
Our DNA Kit makes it easy for you to have your child's DNA and important
information ready in case of an emergency. Includes valuable safety tips!
(Value $6.95)

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